National Council of EEOC Locals 216 Officers

Gabrielle Martin, President

Rachel Shonfield, 1st Vice-President

Stephanie Perkins, 2nd Vice-President

Darrick Anderson, Treasurer

Richard LeClear, Secretary

2016 Election Results

Delegates to the Council

Regina M. Andrew, President Local 3614
David Norken, Delegate

Sharon Baker, President Local 3599
Rachel Shonfield, Delegate

Jadhira Rivera, President Local 3555

Stephanie Perkins, President Local 3504
Jacquelyne Fizer-Jordan, Delegate

Patricia Floyd, President Local 2667
Toni Barnes, Delegate

Gabrielle Martin, President Local 3230

Cecil Warren, President Local 3637
Claudia Molina, Delegate

Dayna Deck, President Local 3629